5 Mantras for a Stronger Relationship

Valentine's Day has come and gone again. Rather than the typical flowers (which my cat always eats) or chocolate (which my dog always seems to get ahold of), Curan and I didn't get each other anything. We went to brunch and just enjoyed the day together! This really got me thinking... Love isn't at all about the physical items that we give to each other. It's how we experience each other and remain present with one another! Whether it be a romantic relationship, a friendship or a family relationship, a strong relationship is based on your heart and a clear mindset. Because of this, I put together these 5 mantras for you to practice to maintain strong relationships in your life!

You can practice these together or alone, in meditation, using little sticky notes in each other's lunches, car, etc., or just send them to each other randomly throughout the day in a text.

Onto the mantras!

I love you with everything that I am, for everything that you are.

This one is beautiful. Interpret as you may, but essentially what it says is that you are accepting yourself as you are and loving the other person for everything that they are, all perfect imperfections included.

I am human, and you are human.

We've all made mistakes. Some minor, some major. But it's okay! You are human and the beauty of that is that we aren't perfect and we all screw up. This mantra serves as a reminder to forgive, even when it may seem difficult because even though we make different mistakes, we still ALL make mistakes of varying degrees of severity. Work towards forgiveness and moving forward because it does no good to dwell on what cannot be changed.

Enjoy the present for all that it is.

What this means is that the present is here and it's graciously handing you all that it has to offer. You can make changes that will impact the future, whether 5 minutes from now or 5 years from now, but you can't change what is being given to you right this very moment. Enjoy each other for what you have to offer each other right now. Continue to celebrate your offerings to each other as they come, but do not expect more than what you each are able to give at any given moment.

When you fall down, I'll pick you up.

It's inevitable. We all have shitty days in our lives. Days where the energy just seems to wash down the drain and we need all the good vibes that we can get. When your lover, friend or family member is having this day, make even the smallest gesture to expand some of your energy over to them. If they aren't ready to accept it, at least you still brought a little bit of light into their dark day.

I love myself, and I love you.

At first glance, this doesn't seem so powerful. But really - it's one of the most powerful and meaningful mantras you can have for yourself. If you really truly love yourself, it means you don't take any shit. It means you won't allow yourself to be around what brings you down or limits you. You won't allow yourself to be taken for granted or for anything less than you are. And because of that, your love for another person means that you truly believe that they are worthy and capable of loving you in the same way that you love you, and that means so much.

Now that you've got them, take these mantras and use them to strengthen all of your relationships. Journal about them. Share them. Meditate on them. Absorb them and live them genuinely. You are absolutely worthy of good relationships in your life.