7 Mantras to Love Yourself More This Week

You always hear that there's one really, really important part of living spiritually - loving YOU! Part of that is to incorporate a little bit of that self-love into your daily meditation by setting your mantra and using it as a guide for your daily intention. Whether you use these mantras in your meditation, on sticky notes on your bathroom mirror or even as reminders on your phone throughout the day, give these a try to love yourself more every day!

I am breathing.

The breath is considered to be life's force, the energy that keeps us going. You are alive!

I own my actions.

How amazing is it that if you don't like the way your life is going, your actions can change it? What you choose to do and how you choose to live is up to you. If you want something bad enough, you can choose to get there through the course of what you do, making just about anything possible.

I am awake.

You are conscious! You literally get to experience all that is around you. You can become aware of your surroundings and live the day.

I am peaceful.

Choose to not allow irrelevant things to push your inner self off kilter. If it doesn't directly affect you, or even if it does but falls outside of your control, allow it to pass. Do not use energy towards these things. Use energy only towards what can help your soul be happy.

I do no harm.

Choose to not retaliate. Similarly to the previous mantra, do not allow anything to upset your inner peace. Just because someone else is attempting to cause you harm does not mean you should get defensive. Accept that this person is not at peace with themselves, and if you cannot help, just move on without causing them further harm.

Today is a new day.

Do not allow the stress of yesterday to consume your energy today. It's not worth it! You can't change what has happened, only what is coming for your future. So be present in today and be at peace that yesterday's stress is in the past.

I am beautiful.

Repeating this mantra, you might notice yourself envisioning your favorite parts about yourself. It's so important to realize our imperfections are what make us unique. And you ARE beautiful - every part of you, inside and out!