How to Use the 2019 Pinterest 100 Trends Report to Boost Your Business

Every year, Pinterest releases what they call the Pinterest 100 report - a report which details all of the trending pin topics for the following year. It’s no secret that I absolutely love utilizing Pinterest to promote business growth and brand awareness, but the release of the 2019 report got me to wondering how many businesses completely miss the gold mine of information which it contains.

Before we really indulge in how to use the Pinterest 100, let’s quick touch on why it’s relevant to you as a business owner or influencer.

We know that Pinterest is a planning platform.

People use it to plan out their ideal lives and selves. Many people act on these ideals and implement the things they pin in real life, whether that means buying products, programs, or following through to your blog for a DIY (you can find some stats on this in my Pinterest case study by clicking here).

We also know that Pinterest is a sharing platform.

It’s a place where good content will get shared. And shared. And shared. And even if someone doesn’t follow you, your content can still be shown to and shared by users who have interests similar to what you are sharing.

So back to the Pinterest 100.

There are two major ways you can use the Pinterest 100 to grow your audience and increase your brand awareness:

Guidance on What to Pin

If you are utilizing Pinterest to its optimal potential, then you should be pinning a lot more of other peoples content than your own and you should be pinning according to the interests of your ideal client or customer - even if they aren’t directly related to your brand.

The Pinterest 100 report offers insight into what people are pinning and searching for the most. Do any of these trends sound like something your ideal client would be into? Start pinning about that topic! That might mean adding a new board, or just pinning that type of content to a board you already have.

Maybe you’re a fitness coach - you know that your clients are health conscious and trying to lead healthier lives overall, not just in the fitness department. So you might tap into trends like elderberry recipes or sleep optimization.

Maybe you own a kids boutique - there is an entire section of kids and parenting topics you could tap into, or you could touch on the foil wrapped dinners trend for busy family dinner ideas.

You see where I’m going with this. But how does that help you if it isn’t your own content that you're pinning? Because it is going to increase your viewership! The more people interact with the pins that you share (yours or others), the higher your reach will start to become. As your reach continues to grow, Pinterest will reward you by showing all of your content to more people, including the content of your own that you do pin!

Using Trends IRL

For many of us, we will be able to find pins that directly relate to our businesses. This is great because it works for both online and offline businesses! Content creators get direct insight into what people are looking for and can use that to create blogs, videos, or courses. Brick and mortar locations can gather ideas for trendy decor or workshop ideas (with bread making on the rise, think about how hot a bread making workshop would turn out for a bakery owner!), and photographers can utilize trends like colorful smoke bombs in their shoots and marketing campaigns. Think outside of the box - take the trends that are relevant to your business and industry and mold them to work in your favor.

Remember, people who use Pinterest to plan are more likely than any other platform to take these plans into their lives and implement them. That means if you can offer a product, service, or experience that falls under what people want, you’ll be able to attract their interest and their business.


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