This Pinterest Scheduling Hack Might Save You Hours of Work!

There’s no question that Pinterest is my favorite platform

In the last two months, my email list has grown by almost 100 subscribers due to an evergreen pin that provides enough value that it is still repinned on a daily basis by other pinners!

There are so many pinning strategies out there, but my favorite tried and true strategy that I use for myself and my clients is the 80/20 strategy - pinning 80% of your content from other pinners, and 20% native content.

But how the heck do you find enough relevant content from other people to fill up 8 pins a day?!

While my Pinterest loving self does love exploring new keywords and exploring different blog share threads in Facebook groups, that can be time consuming! Luckily, I discovered this hack that has helped me to be able to consistently schedule two weeks worth of Pinterest content in less than an hour!

Ready to learn the hack and up your Pinterest scheduling game?! Just watch the video below!

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