Automation on Instagram is Dead - Seriously

There was once a time when it was easy and relatively inexpensive to build up your Instagram account by just buying yourself some likes, comments, and followers.

Want to look really popular? Buy some likes.

Want to look insta-famous? Buy some followers.

Want to look like you’re really involved? Buy some comments.

But do you see the problem here?

It’s all a big illusion. And now Instagram is cracking down on it.

That’s right. Instagram is all about the social aspect of social media (ayyyy!) and giving people the things that they actually want to see. I mean, if they aren’t giving people content that interests them, then they’re going to lose users, so it’s kind of a big deal to them. That means they aren’t too keen on automation trying to trick its algorithm into showing inauthentic content to more people.

Instagram (as well as most of us who use social media to create genuine relationships with other people) wants us to create community and conversation. So according to a recent update earlier in December, they are actually going in and removing purchased likes, comments, and follows.

Yup, if you’re automating any of these things - Instagram has started the witch hunt to go back in and remove them.

Nothing like throwing away money. I’ll admit, it’s easy to get sucked into vanity metrics. It’s easy to wonder why the content you’re putting out doesn’t receive 5k likes just like so and so’s account. But remember- there are nearly a BILLION users on Instagram, and about 95 MILLION pieces of content shared every single day (source: Sprout Social).

I know, “Cool, so what, Kiara?”. SO, it means that no matter how great your content is, yours might not make someone’s feed. In fact, on average people don’t see 70% of what’s in their feed (source: Independent).

Great, So Should I Just Give Up?

No no no no no no no! Instagram is a thriving place for you as a business owner or influencer to grow.

The secret?


All Instagram wants you to do is be real. Be human. Join the community. And engage. Trying to cheat your way past that might mean that you aren’t a good fit to be marketing on Instagram (consider other marketing methods or outsourcing your social media) and can also end up with your account being permanently banned.

Sure, growing organically by taking the time to build real relationships can take time, as does growing any authentic connection with people. It goes back to the marketing basics of like/know/trust, which can bring out the impatience of our instant gratification society that we now live in. The work that goes in upfront is the hardest and often won’t give immediate results in the way you might desire. But in the end, you’ve created a strong foundation of people who genuinely care about you and what you have to say. That creates for some serious customer retention, powerful word of mouth conversation about your brand, and ultimately will help your business to flourish in the long term.

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