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Kiara Jennifer & Co. ( will not sell or share any of your personal information. We don't like spam or unwelcome messages, so we won't subject you to them either. However, we cannot speak to and are not responsible for the practices of any of our partners, collaborators, advertisers, or blog readers.

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There are various affiliate links placed throughout this website. These links provide me with a small commission if you make a sale, however it does not cost you any extra. I only link products that I use and support, and the commission allows me to continue providing quality content for this website.

I also do occasional work as an "influencer". That means I work with brands and companies to promote their products and services. All of my influencer marketing is explicitly stated (through the form of hashtags on social media posts or as a statement above sponsored blog posts), but I am very particular about who I choose to collaborate with and only work with brands and companies with products AND values that I believe in.

Even when compensation is involved, all opinions and words are exclusively my own.


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What should you do if you don’t want cookies to be set?

Some people find the idea of a website storing information on their computer or mobile device to be intrusive, particularly when this information is stored and used by a third party without them knowing. Although cookies are generally quite harmless, you may not, for example, want to see advertising that has been targeted to your interests using your browser history. If you prefer, you may choose to block some or all cookies, or even to delete cookies that have already been set; but you should be aware that you might lose some functions of the website.

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If you choose to sign up for our email list, we do not share or sell any of your information. We keep your information stored on file in Mailerlite (for more information, view their privacy policy linked above in the "cookies" section) and provide the option in every email allowing you to unsubscribe at any time. We primarily use emails as a way to provide you with additional content and education, but occasionally we send promotional emails as well advertising our products and/or services.